The BEST Guitar Stool Ever • Acoustic Tuesday 029

Good morning fellow guitar geek!

As the crisp air of another Acoustic Tuesday hits your face please be reminded that Acoustic Tuesday is chocked full of #guitargeek items for you to ponder, peruse, and ultimately enjoy.

Let’s immerse ourselves into the guitar geek list for today.

A Must Consider Guitar Accessory

Mojo infused tone is something every #guitargeek has an insatiable desire for.

See this Acoustic Guitar Slide Review

This Will Allow You To Play For Hours On End

Finding the right guitar stool can be a daunting task, but when you find the one you like…

See this Acoustic Guitar Stool Review

What’s On the Turntable This Week?

Their songwriting is deep and dark, their harmonies are incredibly tight, and both members are very comfortable with whatever instrument they happen to be playing… guitar, banjo, fiddle… Quite simply, they can do it all…

See this Acoustic Artist Review

A Mini Version Of a 12 String

Chasing the mighty tone dragon is something all of us #guitargeeks can relate to, and I have good news…

See this Acoustic Guitar Review

Guitar Collections From Our Very Own

During this week’s episode there were some guitar collections to “oogle” over, and I don’t use the term “oogle” lightly…

See the Guitar Collections

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