12 Fret vs 14 Fret, What’s Best? • Acoustic Tuesday 030

Good morrow fellow guitar geek and welcome to the day formerly known as “Just Tuesday,” now celebrated and revered as Acoustic Tuesday.

5 items await you on the sacred guitar geek scroll this week so let us halt the introductions and partake in a journey of discovery.

12 Fret, 14 Fret… What’s the Big Deal?

Matt Chulka, acoustic aficionado, beard maintenance master, and overall awesome dude from Eddie’s guitars in St. Louis shares his wisdom as he discusses the impact of…’

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A Tiny Piece of Plastic That Can Save Your Guitar

So here’s the situation: You have a pickup on your guitar, you aren’t plugged in at the moment, and you enjoy playing with a strap around your guitar. Seems like a normal situation right???

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What’s On the Turntable This Week?

His voice has a character that makes your head snap back, ears perk up, and every hair on the back of your neck stand on end…

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7 People You Need To Meet

What happens when you gather 7 luthiers and inspire them with 7 significant artists from their locale. You end up getting 7…

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Dogs and Guitars From the Acoustic Tuesday Family

This week’s guitarsenals don’t only have guitars to drool over, but a dose of four legged companions included for you dog lovers out there…

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