Is THIS Your New Guitar Strap? • Acoustic Tuesday 032

I hope this finds you sufficiently fueled with coffee and thirsty for some acoustic guitar geekiness to help you live your best acoustic life.

A ton is in store for today so off we go to the magical fountain of guitar geekiness to indulge in the acoustic infused elixir known as Acoustic Tuesday.

Guitar Grime Buster

When your guitar hasn’t been cleaned in a while it starts to actively collect fingerprints, smudges, smears, and what I like to call guitar grime. Guitar grime is one of those things that can make your guitar look gross. I have tried a bunch of different guitar polishes with varying degrees of success, but one…

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An Amazing Guitar Event…

How about a guitar geek joke? What do you get when you cross stellar fingerstyle guitarists, a gathering of music lovers, and Takoma Park, MD? You get…

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What’s on the Turntable this Week?

This picker produces beautiful tone with a seemingly delicate touch. It’s as if his picking and fretting hand are one hundred and ten percent perfectly in sync…

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A Crystalline Guitar Finish

Back in the 30’s National guitars became known for a novelty finish called “frosted duco.” This finish was gorgeous due to it’s unique character. Since the finish’s beauty relied on how crystals grow…

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An Accessory Good For Your Soul

If you look at old pictures of artists playing live shows you will no doubt see some really stellar guitar strap designs. I’m talking some very striking tapestry type themes… think Jimi Hendrix at Monterey or any picture of Eric Clapton in the 70’s…

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