Is Cocaine & Rhinestones Your Next Obsession? • Acoustic Tuesday 033

Happiest Tuesday to you, comrade in guitar geekiness!

Today we take some time to think of and thank all things acoustic with a juicy list of goodies to help you live your best acoustic life.

I know it’s spring, but no rain delays are happening so lets play ball…errrr…I mean dive into this week’s guitar geek topics!

A Country Music Encyclopedia… Filled With Juicy Details

I have always loved learning about music history. The stories seem to be of mythical proportions… especially in country music. Now I’m not talking about Florida Georgia Line here, I mean country music prior to the year 2000. Tales of lying, cheating, stealing, love, smash hits, and controversial songs fill the coffers of country music…

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A Guitar Accessory That Makes Your Guitar Sound Like a Koto

Every now and again as guitar geeks, we look for a new piece of gear or accessory. Who am I kidding here?!?! As a #guitargeek it is our moral obligation to be on a never-ending quest for the next piece of gear that could get us one step closer to the elusive magical tone we have an insatiable desire for…

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What’s On the Turntable This Week?

Every so often an artist comes along, changes the way an instrument is perceived, and then continues to push its boundaries. The artist that I have been listening to this week does just this and does so tirelessly…

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A Small Bench Luthier Bonanza

It’s tough to get access to small bench luthier guitars. Plain and simple, they are usually a one man or woman operation and being a one-person show limits the number of guitars they can make in a year. Getting to try a small bench luthier’s guitars is what #guitargeek dreams are made of though…

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The All Important Music Theory Pendulum

The question of “Do I have to learn music theory?” comes up quite often amongst guitar geeks. I personally get asked this question a lot and I think you will find my answer insightful and energizing…

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