3 Cheap Guitar Pick Experiments You Should Try ASAP • Acoustic Tuesday 034

An infusion of guitar geek vitamins awaits you on this Acoustic Tuesday. Acoustic vitamins to fortify you and your guitar geek friends.

As is customary on Acoustic Tuesday these vitamins come in the form of 5 guitar items that will be placed on your guitar geek radar.

So grab a tall glass of water and make sure to take all of your acoustic infused medication.

Decadent, Deluxe Guitar Picks For the Picking

Picks are picks are picks… right?!?!?! Definitely not!!! Picks impact a guitars tone in a major way. If you are a flatpicker, you can do a quick and easy experiment: Get three different picks, play the same lick, and observe how each pick will add a subtly different tonal characteristic…

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Guitar Picks Made Out of Man Made Ivory???

The material that a pick is made of impacts it’s tone in a huge way, but it goes beyond that… The material also has an effect on the pick’s stiffness. Think of it this way: you can have a 1mm pick made out of delrin or you can have a 1mm pick made out of cattle bone; although both picks are the same thickness their inherent stiffness is very different…

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What’s On the Turntable This Week?

Hearing a songwriter sing a completely raw and truthful song while performing solo is a magical experience. What makes it magic in my eyes is that it doesn’t really happen all too often… (I guess in my eyes it should happen all the time… so I am biased). The artist that I am listening to this week came from a band setting and went ahead releasing a solo album in December of 2017… just himself and a guitar…

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Get a Solid Grip On Your Pick

I have tried many products that aid in helping your pick stay put, from Gorilla snot, to violin rosin, and even the Cool brand picks with the sandpaper attached to them. I can confidently say that…

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4 Steps to Coming Out of Your Musical Cocoon

For as much joy as playing with another person can be, it can also produce a ton of anxiety… and I mean the kind of anxiety that can cause any player to lock up. What causes this anxiety are the questions that bubble up. Those pesky questions that rattle around our guitar #guitargeek brains like…

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