The Future of Acoustic Tuesday • Acoustic Tuesday 037

Grandest of greetings and sweetest of salutations to you Guitar Geek!!!

This week on Acoustic Tuesday history is being made. Quite literally you have not only helped make history, you are also part of a huge guitar geek movement.

As with all Acoustic Tuesday’s I have cooked up 5 delectable delights just for guitar geeks.

A Solution to a Serious Guitar Geek Problem

As a #guitargeek what happens when you run out of floor space and stands for your guitarsenal? Dare you start leaning guitars against couches, walls, and other seemingly stable surfaces? As a guitar geek, I wouldn’t advise the leaning option, however there is a solution…

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New Music From a Past Feature

Every now and then acoustic artists gather together and create a force that seems nearly superhuman, a formidable juggernaut of acoustic music bliss. Also, every now and then a supergroup captures this magic on a record…

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What’s On the Turntable This Week?

If acoustic bands were like comic book heroes then this next band would be the equivalent of The X-men, Fantastic Four, The Avengers, and The Guardians of the Galaxy all wrapped up into one…

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Shark Week on Acoustic Tuesday

Thumbpicks can no doubt be uncomfortable, and flatpicks can fly out of your hand so what is a #guitargeek to do when they want to flatpick a little, strum a little, and then finger pick a little?

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YOU Are a Part of Acoustic History

It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here… the moment that every acoustic guitar geek in the world has waited for… A very special announcement about the future of Acoustic Tuesday…

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