This $30 Item Will Give You an “Eargasm” • Acoustic Tuesday 038

Glorious guitar geek greetings to you on this day of acoustic celebration!!!

Prepare your eyes and ears for the customary dose of 5 guitar geek items that Acoustic Tuesday brings with it.

This week we’ll pick up right where we left off and keep that Acoustic Tuesday train rolling.

A New Album on the Horizon From a Past Guest

Being that it is summer, it seems as though there are boat loads of new records coming out. One record in particular is being released by a songster and songstress previously featured on Acoustic Tuesday…

See this Acoustic Album

A Fun Way to Save Your Hearing

This product, for as simple as it seemingly is, will increase your enjoyment of music for… well… an entire lifetime. I’m not even kidding about that.

See this Ear Plug Review

What’s On the Turntable This Week?

This weeks artist is one that I have wanted to feature for quite a while, I just wanted to wait for the time to be right… and that time is now…

See this Acoustic Artist Review

Our Guitar Geek Friend is Back

What happens when you ask a guitar geek to play their favorite guitar???

See this Ask Matt Segment

A Primo Tone Producing Pick

Nothing beats a guitar pick that is worn in to perfection. I’m talking about that wonderful bevel that develops, making the pick effortlessly slice through the strings of your guitar. It seems like it takes months of playing with the same pick to achieve that, but not any more…

See this Guitar Pick Review

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