Is This the BEST Entry Level Guitar? • Acoustic Tuesday 039

Salutations guitar geek, may this fine Acoustic Tuesday cast plenty of pleasantries your way!

Another volume of Acoustic Tuesday is here and with it comes your weekly helping of acoustic guitar goodness.

This week another 5 guitar geek items are presented on a silver platter for your enjoyment.

Guitar Geeks Become Blood Brothers

I am so happy about the news that I just received… yet another Acoustic Tuesday artist is releasing a brand new album, and I heard this one in its entirety and it is a beautiful piece of work.

See this Acoustic Album

A Trip to the Blueridge Mountains

The question of what is the best entry level guitar has been posed to me many times before, and I wish I had one I could go to as the end all be all, but the truth of the matter is that there are a whole bunch of really exceptional entry and mid level guitars out there. So which ones should you consider?

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What’s On the Turntable This Week?

This week’s artist is no stranger to Acoustic Tuesday, but there has never been an official artist feature on her. That changes this week…

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Feeling the Flow with a New Pick

Guitar picks… our best friend and arch nemesis. There are so many how do we know when to stop searching for the right one… The answer is never…

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A Shop Built For Guitar Geeks By Guitar Geeks

There are some amazing acoustic guitar shops in the US, but one has two figures that are largely responsible for what we know about the history of guitars, and how we fix them…

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