A Capo For Every Guitar Geek Gig Bag • Acoustic Tuesday 041

Welcome to the wonderment that lies inside the many layers of Acoustic Tuesday.

On the docket for today’s exploration are 5 items that will surely inspire you to live your best acoustic life.

There is much ground to cover so let’s get ready for blast off into the acoustic infused world of Acoustic Tuesday!

A Comfy Musical Instrument Hug

A comfortable hug brought to you by your instrument… seriously a big warm squeeze from your six string friend…

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A Mythical Instrument Mashup

Sometimes there are instruments that capture your attention, and they seem to follow you wherever you go… and I mean everywhere…

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What’s On the Turntable This Week?

These gals sing with such precise harmony and phrasing it will send chills up your spine. They can surely be soft and sensitive when the song demands, but if they need to be gritty and raw they have no problem conjuring those sonic beasts as well…

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An Emergency Must Have Accessory

Every guitar geek has that moment where you are pumped to go play, you get to where you’re going, and you open your case only to get that dreaded feeling…

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A Recipe for Acoustic Magic

To create acoustic magic, mix one part iconic acoustic guitar brand, two parts guitar geek enthusiasm, and one incredibly talented luthier…

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