An Acoustic Guitar Pickup Showdown • Acoustic Tuesday 042

For this Acoustic Tuesday, I invite you to set your eyes upon a magical land where the acoustic guitar reigns supreme.

This episode has us exploring streets paved in spruce with guard rails of phosphor bronze. In the sky there are mother of pearl clouds, doors are unlocked with tuning keys, and people hang their clothes on the line with capos.

Hop in and tighten up your guitar strap for a tour de force through acoustic-city on the cutting edge truss rod monorail blazing at speeds only reserved for the fastest of the flatpickers.

The Best Addition to Your Guitar Geek Library

As a guitar geek, specifically an acoustic guitar geek, there are certain books that need to make an appearance in your library. Books that not only take on the history of the guitar but also provide a reference for specs and things of that nature…

See this Acoustic Guitar Reference Book

A Storyteller Who Has a Link to Robert Johnson

There are many myths and legends surrounding the crossroads, the location where Robert Johnson made a deal with the devil. To hear stories from a contemporary of Mr. Johnson, someone who Robert Johnson actually played with, would be a blues guitar geeks dream… Well, blues guitar geeks, it’s time for dreams come true.

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What’s On the Turntable This Week?

Their synchronicity is a wonder in and of itself. The way these four come together to make music is a treat to watch. The energy that they bring and the way they give each other a slice of the sonic pie is just plain fun to hear.

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Finding the BEST Acoustic Guitar Pickup

There comes a point and time in every guitar geeks journey where the opportunity to plug in comes along. It can be at home with a new acoustic amp, it can be at an open mic, it could even be with friends at a jam; whatever the case though you will most certainly need a pickup. There’s a catch though…

Learn How to Find the Best Acoustic Guitar Pickup

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