Is This the BEST Acoustic Guitar Pickup? • Acoustic Tuesday 043

The magnificent blazing ball of light known as the sun rolls over the horizon and illuminates the calm waters of Acoustic Tuesday

This episode will have you setting sail on the S.S. Acoustic, heading into uncharted waters of the acoustic ocean with a guitar geek list as your map to the all-hallowed guitar geek treasure.

Strap on your life jacket and hold steady at the stern for we are about to get underway and navigate the channels of acoustic bliss.

A Custom Saddle Maker in Georgia

When I first saw that this item was recommended I was a bit confused because it seemed so basic, but I was very pleasantly surprised upon doing more research. This may be the equivalent of sliced bread for guitar geeks…

See this Custom Bone Saddle, Nut, and Bridge Pin Review

A Songwriter’s Dream

For music history buffs and especially for those interested in songwriters, their stories, and even their process this documentary needs to be very high on your “to watch” list…

See this Acoustic Songwriter Documentary Review

What’s On the Turntable This Week?

This week’s artist actually comes in the form of a two for one special. Acoustic Tuesday Viewer Ted Renshaw from Southold, NY recommended a true songwriting treasure that’s connected to another under the radar artist.

See this Acoustic Artist Review and the Acoustic Artist Review

A Visit From an Angel

Magnetic soundhole pickups for acoustic guitar can really be hit or miss. Some can be inexpensive and sound puny, others can be way expensive and sound only ok, but this one sits right in the middle and needs to be known by guitar geeks en masse…

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