A Neck and Neck Capo Race to the Finish • Acoustic Tuesday 047

Acoustic Tuesday is here and ready for your enjoyment! Here’s what to expect in this video:

Going Into Orbit

Vinyl albums are an item of pure beauty. From the album art, the shiny black disc, the liner notes, and the listening experience; vinyl records capture as much or more mojo and magic than the music was originally recorded with. The album is only half of the equation though…

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What’s On the Turntable This Week?

This weeks featured artist comes from John Zorn in El Paso, TX. He says: “Much like John Fahey he makes a single guitar sound incredible. This is the sound I aspire to create one day.” For all of you out there who happen to like the American primitive guitar style you are going to love this…

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Help Out A Fellow Guitar Geek…

You know you’re a guitar geek when you have this friend that you really want to finish an album so, selfishly, you can listen to it whenever you wish…

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A Sexy Capo?!?!

Yoke capos are one of the most convenient capo types available. They are beautifully designed to stay on your guitar when not in use, and very easy to recruit when a capo is necessary. For a while there was really only one high end yoke capo option until this company came along…

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