5 Tips To Get Out Of Your Guitar Rut • Acoustic Tuesday 050

A Life in the Shadows

This guitar geek film recommendation is brought to you by honorary guitar geek and Acoustic Tuesday viewer David M. I am super excited to watch this documentary because it contains footage and stories from some of the most important musicians in blues history…

See this Guitar Documentary

What’s On the Turntable This Week?

This weeks listening selection is brought to you by Acoustic Tuesday fan and guitar geek, Steven W. He says this of the artist for the week, “Excellent song writing, and the lead singer has one of the best voices I’ve heard…incredibly full of emotion and passion. Definitely one of my favorite bands to just sit and listen to!”

See this Acoustic Artist Review

Quebec’s Master Luthier

There is a guitar maker in Quebec that has absolutely hit the nail on the head when it comes to a powerful, responsive, and tonally rich fingerstyle guitar. I was able to say this with confidence before, but after having played one in person…

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Bust Your Guitar Rut Right Now

In every guitar journey there are some hurdles and detours that all guitar geeks must deal with along the way, but nothing is more intimidating nor frustrating than the ultimate nemesis to any guitar geek…

See how to Bust Your Guitar Rut

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