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A New Fancy Acoustic Guitar Pick?

I ‘m one of those guitar players that once I find something that works I don’t really like trying other things. I’m just a regular routine guy so when I found the Dunlop Ultex Sharp Pick I immediately fell in love with it and thought, this is the pick for the rest of my life. However, in the last year or so I’ve tried a ton of different picks for review purposes. One particular pick came in the mail bag recently and it’s one that I think you’ll really enjoy, especially if you like the vibe of the Dunlop Ultex Sharp Pick.

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What’s On the Turntable This Week?

Watching this guitarist pick is a tour de force of tensionless playing, comfort, and confidence. The way he addresses the strings is void of any physical tension and the tone created is downright dreamy. Regardless of a songs difficulty his picking accuracy remains extremely high.

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The Future of Acoustic Guitars?

As a guitar geek do you ever find yourself pondering the question, “With all of the amazing guitar manufacturers around today, in 100 or so years, who will have made some of the most sought after guitars?”

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Singing and Playing With the Frogs

Small bench luthiers across the world are currently crafting some of the most amazing guitars ever made. I am talking about guitars that would make any guitar geek weak in the knees. This particular luthier crafts instruments that from the tone woods used all the way to the smallest of appointments would easily give any guitar geek the vapors.

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