The Secret to Fretboard Memorization • Acoustic Tuesday 059

Welcome to this week’s episode of Acoustic Tuesday where I share my guitar geek list of gear, artists, and resources to keep you inspired to live your absolute BEST acoustic life!

As always, you can catch the show at 10am every Tuesday.

Musical Alphabet and Note Memorization

Does the musical alphabet and note memorization have you stumped? Grab a pen and paper and join me as we take a dive into learning them!

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What’s On the Turntable This Week?

This week’s featured acoustic artist is Glenn Jones, who was recommended to us by Acoustic Tuesday listener Richard L. from Kingsland, TX.

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Santa Cruz Vintage Southerner Guitar Review

In this episode I review the Santa Cruz Vintage Southerner. I think this guitar is a true jack of all trades. It’s capable of a lot, but may fly under the radar because of what seems to be basic specs (hint – it’s NOT basic!).

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Robert Crumb Blues Heroes Book Review

Looking for a gift for another guitar lover? I want to share with you a gift that may just fit the bill. The contents of this book by Robert Crumb were formally only available in a trading card form, now they are bound together in one book!

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