3 Signs You NEED To Change Your Guitar Strings • Acoustic Tuesday 098

Welcome to this week’s episode of Acoustic Tuesday where I share my guitar geek list of gear, artists, and resources to keep you inspired to live your absolute BEST acoustic life!

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Featured in This Episode…

Three Signs You NEED To Change Your Guitar Strings

If you’ve been playing guitar for any amount of time, you’ll eventually realize that it’s always a good idea to keep an extra set of strings on hand. The question then becomes: “How often should I change my strings?” If your gut tells you it’s been too long since your last string change, watch this episode to see the 3 signs that will make it clear to you when the time has come.

1.) Dirty or tarnished strings

2.) Dull or crummy sound

3.) Buzz, breakage, or BO. Yep, they stink!

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