Reboot Your Acoustic Guitar Practice! [Here’s How] • Acoustic Tuesday 107

Welcome to this week’s episode of Acoustic Tuesday where I share my guitar geek list of gear, artists, and resources to keep you inspired to live your absolute BEST acoustic life!

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Featured in This Episode…

Reboot Your Guitar Practice!

A Minimum Time Commitment (MTC) of 10 minutes can lead to more progress than you realize.

5 Effects of using a Minimum Time Commitment

  1. Small chunk is realistic and keeps things consistent even when life gets crazy (achievable)
  2. It’s the lead domino to an unconscious and automatic practice habit
  3. Your learning and playing is efficient. You know what you are going to play going in and your focus is laser-like
  4. MTC can lead to longer practice time. Often the hardest part is the start and with MTC the monumental task of getting better seems much more doable.
  5. Small chunks add up like spare change, keeps your attitude positive, and allows you to continually walk away from practice sessions saying “I did it”

Willie Watson breaths new life into old songs.

His voice and instrumentation are impeccable and he manages to capture the essence of each song he sings. He only has two albums, but both are excellent.

He also has his own signature Larrivee guitar, which he sells from his website for a very reasonable price. With his own clothing brand as well, he is indeed a jack of all trades.

Watch Willie Play “Gallows Pole”

Listen to Willie’s Version of “Rock, Salt, and Nails”

Check Out Willie’s Banjo Pickin’ on the Song “Dry Bones”

Visit Willie’s Website

See Where Willie Is Playing Next

Buy Willie Watson Albums

A Song For You Documentary – Watch the Trailer For: “A Song For You”

Visit The Documentary’s Website

Read About The Film’s Roots and Release

Rent, Watch, or Buy “A Song For You: The Austin City Limits Story”

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