Learn THIS Scale (Know Them All) • Acoustic Tuesday 129

Learning scales is not easy. That’s why this episode of Acoustic Tuesday is going to show you a scale shape that can be used to play almost any scale.

It might sound too good to be true. But, you have to trust me on this. Learning this scale shape will unlock a ton of scales for you.

I’ll be teaching you this single scale pattern that can work for TONS of different scales. In addition, I have some great guitar goodness coming your way.

Brendan from Heartbreaker Guitars is back — this time, he’s giving us a behind the scenes look at NAMM 2020. I’m also featuring a rare and unique guitar made from an unparalleled tonewood. Finally, I have David Grier answering some of your questions exclusively on this episode of Acoustic Tuesday!

As always, you can watch Acoustic Tuesday at 10 am every Tuesday.

This Week on Acoustic Tuesday

1 Scale Shape Unlocks Them All

major scale shape

What if I told you that there is one scale shape that you can use to play almost any other scale?

The shape above is exactly the only scale shape you need to play all scales. Not only can you move this scale shape to different parts of the fretboard to play major scales, but you can also play different scales by starting on different notes.

This might sound like too much right now, but my main goal here is to introduce you to using a scale shape instead of memorizing notes.

For starters, definitely work on getting this scale shape under your fingers. You want to feel confident playing this shape anywhere on the fretboard.

After a while, feel free to start the scale on different notes. For example, instead of starting the sharp with the middle finger on the low E string, try starting it on the pinky finger of the low E string.

There’s a lot more I want to tell you about this shape, so be sure to watch the full episode of Acoustic Tuesday and be on the lookout for a special opportunity to learn the fretboard at the end of this month!

“The Tree” Mahogany and Tom Sands Guitars

What if I told you there is a tree that has provided luthiers with the best tonewood known to man? That’s right, one tree.

The Tree Mahogany

It’s a Mahogany tree called “The Tree,” and it was logged almost 60 years ago. While it remained felled but not harvested for many years, the wood inside “The Tree” exhibits an incredible quilting pattern not seen in other mahogany trees.

Besides having an unparalleled aesthetic beauty, the wood from “The Tree” is also one of the most sought after tonewoods in the world.

To help explain why the wood from “The Tree” is so incredible, I featured Tom Sands Guitars on this episode of Acoustic Tuesday.


For the full story of how “The Tree” became so famous and sought after, here’s a quick illustrated video to explain.


If you want to hear more about Tom Sands Guitars or check out his current production line, be sure to visit his website today.

Link: http://www.tomsandsguitars.com/

NAMM 2020 Behind the Scenes

To give you the behind the scenes of NAMM 2020, Brendan from Heartbreaker Guitars will take you on a tour of dozens of different acoustic guitar vendors.

Everyone from Lowden Guitars to Santa Cruz Guitars to Breedlove Guitars was at NAMM this year, and Brendan was able to deliver some candid interviews of some big names in the industry!

Don’t forget to watch the full episode of Acoustic Tuesday to catch Brendan’s coverage of NAMM 2020.

If you like Brendan’s enthusiasm for acoustic guitars, be sure to check out his full inventory at Heartbreaker Guitars today.

Link: https://heartbreakerguitars.com/

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