The 4 Guitar Mistakes RE: Music Theory • Acoustic Tuesday 131

Music theory can be intimidating. Beginners and experienced players struggle with it. In fact, if you aren’t careful with how you learn music theory, you might be making a big mistake.

You see, the thing is, I’ve noticed 4 mistakes guitarists make when it comes to music theory.

In today’s episode of Acoustic Tuesday, I’m defining those 4 mistakes. Make sure you aren’t making any of them! I have an incredible opportunity that can help you tremendously if you are — so stay tuned for that!

In addition, I’m reviewing a new Boucher BG-52. I also have legendary guitarist Jon Gomm answering your questions that you submitted to Acoustic Life. Finally, I NEED to tell you about Emerald Guitars’ big giveaway…yes, it includes a trip to Ireland!

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This Week on Acoustic Tuesday

The 4 Guitar Mistakes (Music Theory)

Music theory is so important. But many guitarists make critical mistakes. If you want to learn theory, I have four common errors to keep in mind.

For each of these errors, there’s an easy way to remedy them. I’ll let you know after we talk about each of the mistakes 😉

Mistake #1 You don’t think you’re ready.

This can happen to ANY guitar player. Professionals, beginners, and everyone in between. I gotta say, you’re always ready to learn some music theory.

The fact is, when you start to learn theory, it’s going to accelerate your progress. Whether you’ve been playing for a week or a year, learning theory will make your progress that much faster. You’ll be making connections that will make everything make sense.

Mistake #2: You need a comprehensive understanding of music theory.

If you think you have to understand everything about music theory, from composition to harmony to modes, you’re dead wrong.

I mean, it’s nice to know these things, but the bottom line is that you don’t need to know everything to play guitar.

Instead, you should target the 20 or 10% of music theory that will help you every day on your guitar journey.

Mistake #3: You don’t have enough time.

Instead of learning theory, you think that you should just play the songs and scales you already know…right?

Here’s the funny thing…when you start learning music theory, you learn other concepts faster. In the short window of time, you have to work on your guitar playing and music, if you incorporate music theory, you can have lightbulb moments left and right.

Mistake #4: You have self-doubt.

There’s no easy way to talk about self-doubt. As a guitarist, you’re putting yourself out there, and it takes a lot out of you.

Whether you’re playing with friends, at an open-mic night, or posting a song to TAC or YouTube, remember that you can do it!

Learning music theory is no different. You can do it. Don’t let your self-doubt take control of the situation. Whether you’re brand-new to guitar or coming back after years off, learning music theory can truly change how you practice and play guitar. You got this!

Now, if you noticed that you’re making any of these mistakes, I want to tell you about something special…

The solution to your 4 mistakes…

On March 1st, I’m starting my Fretboard Wizard Challenge — a course that focuses on the bare essentials of music theory (specifically for guitar players!).

This course is perfect for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players.

If you’re ready to gain fluency and comfortability navigating the fretboard, it’s time to become a Fretboard Wizard. Just click below to learn how you can get started.


Boucher BG-52

As you probably know, I’ve reviewed hundreds of acoustic guitars in the last couple of years. And, I gotta say, I start drooling every time I see a Boucher walk into the studio.

Boucher BG-52

Here’s why…

Boucher Guitars are classic, clean, and offer excellent craftsmanship. In fact, their soundboards are so highly regarded, many other manufacturers outsource their soundboards to Boucher.

If you’re interested in seeing my other Boucher Guitar reviews, check out Acoustic Tuesday #111 to see the Studio Goose or Acoustic Tuesday #113 to see the 12-fret Heritage 000.

If you want to see everything that Boucher Guitars has to offer, be sure to visit their website today.


Ask the Artist: Jon Gomm

Ever wondered who to listen to? Looking for recommendations?

What if you got a recommendation from one of the most legendary guitarists in the acoustic world?

Jon Gomm

Today, I’m featuring Jon Gomm, and Acoustic Tuesday artist that was featured on Acoustic Tuesday #117.

I love what Jon Gomm has to say as far as upcoming artists and essential gear. Be sure to catch everything he has to say in this episode of Acoustic Tuesday!

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