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Choosing the 5 Best bluegrass guitars under $300 was difficult. There are so many good options out there…and frankly, so many bad ones, too. Fortunately, I sorted through it all for you.

All five of the guitars under $300 on this list are excellent instruments that exceed expectations. More importantly, they’re bargains at their current prices, so be sure to act fast if you’re looking to purchase a guitar!

In addition to the 5 best bluegrass guitars under $300, I’m going to feature Guy Clark, one of my favorite and inspirational singer-songwriters. You’ll also get my preliminary thoughts on the Fender Acoustasonic Stratocaster. Last but not least, we’ll check in with Maneli Jamal, a fingerstyle maestro who was featured on Acoustic Tuesday #109.

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5 Best Bluegrass Guitars Under $300

Cheap guitars that are good are hard to find. Fortunately, you don’t have to scour the internet or local pawn shops to find something good.

Every bluegrass guitar on this list was handpicked by me for its versatility, durability, and consistency. Some are laminate tops, while others are solid wood. Be sure to watch the full episode to find which one you like!

5) Yamaha FG-800


Previously known as the Yamaha FG-700S, the FG-800 is a bargain of a guitar. After some improvements in both bracing and top wood, this guitar for under $300 is a showstopper.

This solid top dreadnought comes in at $199 and is powerful and phenomenal. It’s durable, reliable, and is a great guitar to have around. When I worked in sales, I’d recommend this guitar to players of all experience levels just because it was such a good bargain.

4) Fender CD60S


A guitar similar to the Yamaha FG-800, the Fender CD60S is a great deal. I especially like this guitar because it comes with so many essential guitar “gadgets” like a strap, capo, case, and tuner.

Besides that, the guitar has a solid top and plays smoothly. The standout note on the Fender CD60S is that it offers a slimmer neck profile, which works perfectly for folks with smaller hands.

If you want to flex your style muscles, this guitar also comes in black.

3) Bristol BD-16


I was confused by this guitar at first. The Bristol BD-16 is an all-laminate guitar, and it’s more expensive than the solid top Fender and Yamaha — coming in at around $250. How could that be? Fortunately, when I started listening to this guitar I understood its slightly higher price.

The Bristol brand is part of Saga Music, the same people who make the Blueridge Guitars (which have, since I first reviewed them, doubled in price!). The Bristol brand sits beneath the Blueridge brand, but still has plenty of excellent guitars.

The Bristol BD-16 is also incredibly durable. If you’re not a fan of maintenance, humidity tracking, or want to play in the outdoors, this is a great guitar for that.

2) Alvarez AD-60S


This guitar is the real deal. It’s got the aesthetics, a solid top, forward-shifted scalloped bracing, binding around the top, and an abalone rosette.

I really love this guitar as an entry point into getting something that will last years and still sound great. Coming in at just under $300, I’ve had great experiences with this guitar and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a guitar on a budget.

1) Takamine GD20-NS


Why did I make the Takamine GD20-NS my #1 pick?

It offers a completely different tone from all of the other guitars. That’s because the Takamine GD20-NS is made with a solid cedar top. This allows the guitar to have a warm, woody, and delicate tone. For those of you who have a lighter touch, this guitar is for you.

The Takamine GD20-NS has volume, punch, and a delicate tone. Coming in at $299, I highly recommend this guitar if you like a lighter-sounding guitar.

Now, there are many more guitars that are under $300, so be sure to leave a comment if you know of any more bluegrass guitars for under $300.

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