Tommy Emmanuel’s TOP 6 Rules for Guitar • Acoustic Tuesday 142

6 Lessons I learned from Tommy Emmanuel takes into account all the years I’ve followed, listened, talked to, and kept in touch with the fantastic artist.

I mean, truly, Tommy Emmanuel is one of the greatest guitarists I’ve heard. You know what’s even cooler? He’s an incredibly nice, kind, and dedicated artist.

That’s why this episode is dedicated to Tommy Emmanuel and the 6 lessons he has taught me over the years. With his new album, “Best of Tommy Songs,” coming out this month — and with his birthday right around the corner — I thought what better time to do this episode than right now!

In addition to talking about the 6 lessons, I’ll share with you my 5 favorite Tommy Emmanuel songs — and there’s some deep cuts in there! I’ll also take a moment to review a piece of gear that Tommy uses on almost every live show he plays!

As always, you can catch Acoustic Tuesday at 10 am every Tuesday.

Show Notes

The Lessons

Watch the full interview with Tommy Emmanuel and Me –

  1. Think like a band –
  2. Make a big sound –
  3. Don’t half-ass –
  4. Play for the people –
  5. Do what works for you –
  6. Kindness

My Favoite Songs – Check out Tommy’s new album “The Best of Tommysongs” – Buy Tommy Emmanuel’s Endless Road album

  1. Endless Road –
  2. Tall Fiddler –
  3. The Man With The Green Thumb –
  4. Angelina –
  5. Mona Lisa –

The AER TE Compact 60 – Check out AER amps online – Learn more about Tommy Emmanuel’s signature AER amp

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