10 Musicians Who Prove Fingers Are Overrated • Acoustic Tuesday 145

What’s a guitarist’s most important body part? If you said fingers or hands, you better guess again!

On today’s episode, I’m sharing with you 10 musicians who overcame physical limitations to create and share the joy of music. All of these musicians, most of them guitar players, are incredible musicians, and you’d never know that they’d have a disability or limitation if you heard their music.

My hope is that, after hearing their stories and listening to their music, you feel inspired to play and share music with you and your fellow guitar geeks!

At the end of the day, if you’re struggling to play guitar, whether it’s physical or mental limitations, just remember to adapt your playing style to what suites you. It isn’t taking a shortcut to adapt. It’s finding an opportunity to create, have fun, and make music. This goes for those affected by an injury or even those who may just be having a bad day with hand pain or fatigue.

As always, you can catch Acoustic Tuesday at 10 am every Tuesday.

Show Notes

10 – Django Reinhardt – https://youtu.be/ANArGmr74u4

9 – Phil Keaggy – https://youtu.be/3jcji2gYJkI – County Down

8 – Wesley Tuttle – https://youtu.be/WhuB0Wo-noE – Yodeling Boogie

7 – Billy Joe Shaver – https://youtu.be/KVSFxG0eXbc – Honkey Tonk Heroes (Copyright, site only)

6 – Roy Thackerson – https://youtu.be/eXInqxaW5PM – Guitar Boogie
The Story of the Fingerless Fiddlers – https://youtu.be/9pL8EdvKsKM

5 – Jerry Garcia – https://youtu.be/qx1LqnIJLj8 – Deep Elem Blues (Copyright site only)

4 – Barry Abernathy – https://youtu.be/XSHALha5IlI – Mountain Heart/Appalachian Roadshow

3 – Mac Rebennack (AKA Dr. John) – https://youtu.be/id1iPAzoSMc – Storm warning

2 – Hound Dog Taylor – https://youtu.be/KX9UG8rqRRQ – Wild About You Baby

1 – Andres Godoy – https://youtu.be/WSV8792o-dY – En Cada Segundo

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