10 Most Inspiring Guitar Feature Films • Acoustic Tuesday 157

All aboard the inspiration train as we cruise through the 10 most inspiring guitar feature films that will motivate you on your guitar journey. From Walk the Line to Crazy Heart, I’m dishing out some guitar geek classics!

This week, we’re taking a look at fun ways you can escape reality for just a few hours while still staying motivated on your guitar journey.

My list of 10 most inspiring guitar feature films includes some comedies, dramas, animated features, and spoofs! Be sure to catch the whole list to find a good movie to watch this week!

In addition to the 10 most inspiring guitar feature films, you’ll hear about Robert, a fellow TAC Family member who has had quite the guitar journey.

Last but not least, I want to thank you…yes, you! Whitney and I received so many warm wishes when Emerson was born, and I want to thank you! Be sure to watch the full episode to see some of the highlights!

As always, you can catch Acoustic Tuesday at 10 am every Tuesday.

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