10 Best Gifts for TRUE Acoustic Guitar Players (2020) • Acoustic Tuesday 164

From the highest quality capos to guitar geeky collectors sets, these 10 gifts for acoustic guitarists will drop jaws this holiday season. Check this description to get links to all of these gifts!

On this episode of Acoustic Tuesday, I’m covering the 10 best gifts for acoustic guitar players.

I’ve combed through some of the hottest, latest, and greatest tools, toys, and trinkets. This holiday gift guide has something for every guitar geek, so be sure to watch the whole video!

  • The Devil is in It – https://orpharionpress.com/
  • Native Sons Straps – https://www.nativesonsgoods.com/
  • Picker’s Grip – https://pickersgrip.com/
  • Blue Chip Picks – https://bluechippick.net/
  • The Rise and Fall of Paramount Records – https://thirdmanstore.com/reissues/paramount-records
  • Venta Airwasher – https://venta-usa.com/
  • Boveda Humidity Packs – https://bovedainc.com/store/
  • Calton Cases – https://www.calton-cases.com/
  • Rock Slide – https://www.therockslide.com/
  • Music Nomad Products – https://www.musicnomadcare.com/
  • Elliott Capo – https://elliottcapo.com/

In addition to helping you find the best gift for an acoustic guitarist in your life, I also want to tell you about a 30-year beginner who became a true guitar player in just about a year. And it’s all thanks to one simple mindset. (And plenty of practice!)

As always, you can catch Acoustic Tuesday at 10 am every Tuesday.

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