5 Guitar Tone Experiments You NEED to Try ASAP • Acoustic Tuesday 174

Looking for something more spicy than your normal guitar tone? Check out these cheap and easy guitar tone experiments that are sure to put some spice back into your guitar playing!

Experimenting with your guitar’s tone is an excellent way to vary your guitar playing. With these 5 easy guitar tone experiments, you’re bound to find some inspiration in places you didn’t think was possible.

From using an improvised dampener for your strings to a Koto converter, all of these tonal experiments are perfect for beginner guitarists or long-time players.

In addition to talking about guitar tone experiments, you’ll hear about TAC Family member Daniel M., a guitar geek who went from weekend strummer to certified guitar player after using the TAC Method.

After hearing Daniel’s story, you’ll get my rundown of acoustic guitar news you can use. We’ll be covering Tempest Guitars, started by Daisy Tempest from Tom Sands Guitars, how you can book Michael Watts to play in your home (virtually, of course), and a whole bunch of stuff on Jon Gomm!

As always, you can catch Acoustic Tuesday at 10 am every Tuesday.

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