Make Guitar Practice AUTOMATIC w/ These Tips • Acoustic Tuesday 180

Rule #1: Don’t call it guitar practice. I’m serious. Start calling it “guitar playing.” Here’s why…

Playing evokes fun, discovery, and enjoyment. Practice can conjure up some nasty associations with time limits and exercising.

Okay, now that you got that first mental reframe out of the way, let’s move into how you can make your guitar playing AUTOMATIC with 6 simple steps.

My goal for this episode is to get you feeling like you can play your guitar automatically — in the same way you don’t think about brushing your teeth every day…you just do it.

By using habit building, micro-routines, and plenty of other techniques, you can make your guitar playing habit as automatic as eating or brushing your teeth!

Pretty soon, if you follow these steps, you’ll feel word NOT playing the guitar.

In addition to talking about playing habits, you’ll also hear about a Tony’s Acoustic Challenge Family member who has some exciting news to share about her progress…

As always, you can catch Acoustic Tuesday at 10 am every Tuesday.

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  1. I have watched this video a few times over and done some searching online for some practice journal techniques. I like the ideas you put forth to drive my practice sessions. I have a digital journal that I track things in and I make a few additions to it as I go when I feel like there are other things I want/need to document. I may even find a better way to document it so its more referenceable so I can make sure I’m continually learning from previous sessions. What I have now will carry me for a while I think and I’m anxious to see my progress. Thanks for all you do to publish this content to help inspire us to stick with it!