Technique Check: You Still Fretting Like This? • Acoustic Tuesday 182

If you’re a guitar player, improper fretting technique can cause frustration, injury, and fatigue. All of these things can hold you back from achieving your guitar goals. In this video, I’ll show you how to fix your fretting problem!

Fretting technique gets overlooked too often when you play guitar. In reality, having proper fretting technique sets you up for sustained success and enjoyment on your guitar journey.

So…why would you continue to play with improper fretting technique? Sometimes the answer to this question lies in the complexity of fretting technique.

To make things easy, this video will break down fretting technique by addressing the 3 most common problems I see with guitar players of all ages and sizes. I’ll offer a few solutions for each problem, as well as a possible solution if none of these technique checks improve your sound!

In addition to learning how to fret the guitar properly, I’ve got plenty of guitar news that you can use! From new music to drool-worthy guitars, you’re not going to want to skip this week’s segment!

As always, you can catch Acoustic Tuesday at 10 am every Tuesday.

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  1. Tony – thanks for the bit about finger position on the fret and playing more on the fingertips. Been with TAC just over 3 months now & watching this Acoustic Tuesday where you talked about having fingers nearer the fret you are playing + on fingertips totally changed the tone of my chords. Had been getting frustrated with muted or buzzy string sounds (especially with the barre chords like B & F) and that one simple shift has made a world of difference to how I am able to pull these chords off. I thought I’d never get those chords and turns out I had them all along — just needed to shift over a bit and raise my fingers to avoid the dreaded mute/buzz. A simple but very effective tip that has renewed my journey so … thanks again!!!