10 Best Acoustic Duo Albums Ever Recorded • Acoustic Tuesday 183

There’s nothing like two musicians, in a room together, with just their voices and instruments. This video will cover the 10 BEST Acoustic Dio albums ever recorded. If I left your favorite one out, be sure to leave a comment!

Here’s the Spotify Playlist featuring my favorite songs from the featured albums:


All of the albums I picked were selected because they are outstanding. I had to leave tons of albums out of the list, but I believe this list has 10 of the best examples of musicianship and collaboration in acoustic music.

In this video, you’ll also have the chance to hear from TAC Family member Kurt. After struggling to find a way to fit guitar into his life, he’s thriving and collaborating with family and friends through music!

For our acoustic guitar news you can use, you’ll hear from Heartbreaker Guitars on their latest Bourgeois arrival that is just truly stunning. You’ll also hear Trey Hensley playing his new Thompson Guitar.

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