Is this INSTANT vintage guitar-making technique a scam? • Acoustic Tuesday 184

I am so excited to share this with you, I just had to make a video about it! This is the easiest way EVER to make a vintage guitar. The process involves torrefaction which is like smoking meat: drying out the wood but at high temperatures instead of low ones (yes, that’s what smoking does too!).

Torrefaction produces an authentic-looking finish that feels and sounds like old-growth timber. I couldn’t believe how simple it was when I saw the pictures and heard the results.

On today’s episode of Acoustic Tuesday, you’re going to have the chance to evaluate whether this simple technique can create an instant vintage-sounding guitar.

By using this rapid-aging technique, luthiers have been able to create guitars that sound almost identical to some of the most universally loved guitars: prewar Martins and Gibsons.

Once we’re done discussing torrefaction, you’ll get to hear about TAC Family member Jo and her guitar journey.

Last but certainly not least, I’ll fill you in on some of the latest guitar geek news and announcements.

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