5 Guitar Lessons from Mariachi Music • Acoustic Tuesday 185

Ever looked at an instrument and thought, “What can I learn from this thing?” Today, we’re looking at the instruments used in Mariachi Music and how you can get inspired to try new things on your guitar after studying these instruments!

From the more familiar bajo sexto to the vihuela, this video will take a close look at the instruments that make up a traditional mariachi music. From there, you’ll join me in the studio to see how you can apply instrument-specific techniques to the acoustic guitar.

You’ll learn how to arpeggiate like mariachi harp, strum like a vihuela player, and provide rock solid rhythm like a bajo sexto player!

In addition to looking at guitar lessons from mariachi music, you’ll hear about how TAC Family members overcame their fear of playing for others. It’s not always easy to put yourself out there, but after hearing this story, I think you’ll be a little more inspired.

Last but not least, you’ll hear from Daisy Tempest of Tempest Guitars on how to design a custom guitar. You’ll also hear about The Infamous Stringdusters new album and Submarine Pickups’ new state-of-the-art pickup technology!

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