6 Must-Have Acoustic Guitar Effects + How to Use ‘Em! • Acoustic Tuesday 186

Worried that you can’t use effects pedals on acoustic guitar? Or that you’re going to use the wrong ones? This video will have 6 side-by-side comparisons of effects pedals, how they work, and how they sound on an acoustic guitar!

The land of effects pedals is typically ruled by electric guitar players. But, it’s time that you start to feel comfortable with using effects on the acoustic guitar!

Using effects pedals can unlock TONS of creative potential on your acoustic guitar. To help you understand this, the video will have side-by-side comparisons of what an acoustic guitar sounds like with 6 different effects pedals.

The last thing I want you to do is by a pedal you’ll never use. The demos on this video will give you a wide brush-stroke of what these pedals can do for your guitar and your sound.

As always, you’ll also hear about Tony’s Acoustic Challenge Members and how they TAC, as well as the latest acoustic guitar news you can use!

Highlights this week include Watchhouse, The North American Guitar and their new digital magazine, and plenty more!

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