Do These Builders Make Better Martins Than Martin? • Acoustic Tuesday 188

Martin Guitars makes some of the most famous, most recognizable guitars in the world. But are luthiers taking Martin’s general design to make better Martin guitars than Martin can make?

Now, I love Martin Guitars. Specifically, I love their bluegrass dreadnoughts that have become the gold-standard in the acoustic guitar industry. But, given the reach and breadth of Martin’s market share, I think it’s fair to shed some light on the smaller builders.

That’s why in today’s episode, you’re going to see 6 guitar makers who are making better Martin guitars than martin.

If you’ve ever wondered which guitars are better than Martin, specifically when it comes to bluegrass dreadnoughts, this video is for you!

I’ll share with you 6 guitar makers, where they’re located, their building philosophy, and a quick review of one of their best bluegrass dreadnoughts.

You’ll get a chance to hear from Collings Guitars, Bourgeois Guitars, Thompson Guitars , and so many more!

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