How to Play with a Metronome and Have Fun in 5 Steps · Acoustic Tuesday 189

Stop fearing the metronome and start having fun when you practice guitar with it! Seriously, if rhythm and timing is what you need to work on, you gotta learn how to play with a metronome.

In this video, you’ll see five steps to help you understand timing and how to easily play with a metronome. Learning how to play with a metronome is key to learning rhythm and timing. Neglect it, and you’ll be fighting an uphill battle — trust me!

For each of these lessons, you’ll see I play with a metronome and the different practicing techniques I use to have fun while working on my timing.

One of my favorite exercises, “Boil the Frog,” will have you increasing the beats per minute (bpm) by tiny increments, so that you barely notice that the tempo is increasing. Don’t miss this exercise!

After we cover how to play with a metronome without wanting to smash your guitar, you’ll get to hear from TAC Family member Sarah and how she uses TAC to see consistent fun, focus, and progress.

Last but not least, we’ll cover acoustic guitar news you can use. This includes a heartfelt announcement, a new building to be on the lookout for courtesy of Eddie’s Guitars.

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