Fingerpick Like Elizabeth Cotten—Can You Even? • Acoustic Tuesday 192

Elizabeth Cotten is one of the most famous guitar players that has a style that is close to impossible to replicate. In this video, you’ll learn about her life, her impact, how to play one of her songs, and some of her best albums.=

Fingerpicking is a difficult technique to learn on guitar, especially when trying to copy Elizabeth Cotten’s style. Because she played the guitar upside down, she played the bass notes with her fingers and her thumb played melody.

This is perhaps one of the most unique aspects of Elizabeth Cotten’s fingerpicking style. There’s plenty more to look at, and you’ll get a chance to learn all about her and her playing style in this video.

To wrap up the lesson on Elizabeth Cotten, I’m recommending some of the best Elizabeth Cotten albums. Whether you’ve never heard of Elizabeth Cotten or you’ve been playing “Freight Train” for years, there’s always something new to find when you listen to her music.

In addition to covering Elizabeth Cotten, I want to tell you about Jessica, a TAC Family member who created routines to find more fun, focus, and progress on her guitar journey!

Last, but certainly not least, you’ll get your weekly dose of acoustic guitar news you can use!

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