Why THIS Style of Slide Guitar is a Must-Play • Acoustic Tuesday 198

Have you ever wanted to take your slide guitar playing to the next level? In this video, you’re going to hear everything you need to know about weissenborn-style guitars. From its history, top builders, and entry level models, this episode will hit on the essentials of weissenborn-style guitars.

Weissenborn-style guitars are a type of lap slide guitar that were originally designed by Hermann Weissenborn in the 1920s. These guitar were unique in that they were played in your lap and the neck was entirely hollow. This resulted in many different brands of guitar making weissenborn-style models that are absolutely stunning.

This video features six weissenborn-style builders that are sure to please any guitar player who is interested in playing slide guitar. Even if you aren’t able to get your hands on a weissenborn, I also want to talk about some of the essential pieces of gear for turning your guitar into a lap slide guitar.

In addition to talking about this unique style of lap slide guitar, I also want to share with you an incredible story from within the Tony’s Acoustic Challenge community, Molly Tuttle and the comment she left behind on our special episode on clawhammer guitar, and the hottest acoustic guitar news you can use.

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