5 BIG Guitar Learning Mistakes & How to Fix Them! • Acoustic Tuesday 200

In this video I’m going to talk about 5 common mistakes people make when they first learn how to play guitar. I’ll share the top tips and tricks that will help you avoid those mistakes, and get your playing off to a great start!

Deciding to learn how to play the guitar is the first step on your guitar journey. But too often, you might go about your guitar journey in a way that will slow progress, derail your learning, and lead to frustration.

To help avoid any of that from happening, I want you to be aware of the most common guitar learning mistakes. In addition, I’ll give you tips on how to shift your mindset, make the necessary changes, and get your guitar journey back on track!

Learning acoustic guitar isn’t easy, it doesn’t happen overnight, and can be a challenging instrument to learn. Fortunately, if you make a few adjustments in your approach to learning it, you can find fun, focus, and progress every day you play guitar! Just watch the video to start learning and playing!

Besides talking about guitar learning mistakes, you’ll get to hear about TAC Family member Dennis’s story of perseverance on his guitar journey. To round things out, you’ll get the hottest and latest acoustic guitar news you can use!

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