Top 10 BEST Live Acoustic Guitar Albums Ever? • Acoustic Tuesday 203

If you’re looking for the best acoustic guitar album, this list is for you. Here are ten of my favorite acoustic guitar albums ever recorded. From folk to country to rock, these albums represent some of the most iconic and timeless records in all of music history.

Each one of these albums was carefully selected after years of listening, playing, jamming, and learning songs off of these tracks. All of the albums featured on this list are live recordings, meaning there was an audience and the musicians didn’t have the chance to do multiple tracks or takes.

Additionally, each of these albums prominently features the use of acoustic guitar. I’m not talking about just some chord strumming — each of these albums really showcases the abilities of acoustic guitarists.

If there was a live acoustic guitar album that you think belonged on this list but was left off, be sure to leave a comment below and let me know! I’m always excited to hear new music and get inspired from artists around the world!

From there, you’ll hear a little more about the 90-Day progress parties at Tony’s Acoustic Challenge. And, while you may have heard me tell you that your guitar success is directly related to your guitar routine, I want you to hear how this worked for a fellow TAC Family member.

To end things, as always, you’ll get your weekly dose of acoustic guitar news you can use. This week’s highlights include a D-18 battle from The North American Guitar, Heartbreaker Guitars highlight, and Luca Stricagnoli and his performance of “Smooth Criminal.”

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  1. There is an album by Bruce Cockburn that I heard in the late 70’s and the guitar playing is very precise. The album I am thinking of is called ‘Circles In The Stream’ and 2 of the songs I enjoy are Cader Idris and Dear Dancing Round a Broken Mirror. Some of his stuff, I don’t like, but there are a few that I really do like.

  2. Tony, you mentioned that Eric Clapton’s Unplugged album did not feature the song Hey Hey. Well I have to disagree with you because I have that song that I bought on a CD in the 90’s.