4 Steps to Unlock Open D minor Tuning Magic • Acoustic Tuesday 210

Learn how to unlock open D minor tuning magic! This video will show you four easy steps that are vital in creating the perfect sound. Open D minor has a rich, full, and haunting tone. Buckle up for this spooky tuning!

If you like the guitar I’m using in this episode, be sure to visit Mule Resonator Guitars to learn more about their resonator guitars. 

Open D minor tuning has one key difference between normal open D tuning: the G string is tuned to an F instead of an F sharp. Otherwise, the tuning is the same.

Once you get into open D minor tuning, you’re going to learn how to play a D minor scale, create chord shapes, and even improvise over the key of D minor. It’s tons of fun playing in this open tuning and can provide haunting tones that are perfect for the Halloween season!

In addition to talking about open D minor tuning, this week’s Tuesday TAC Guitar Lick Challenge will utilize an open D minor tuning. So, if you’re looking for a slick lick to throw into your D minor playing, be sure to check out the challenge this week!

Last but not least, we’ll cover the latest acoustic guitar news you can use. Featured on this episode…
– Old Town School celebrating John Prine Way
– Dead Sled Coffee and their spooky brews
– Billy Strings, Gruhn Guitars , and a vintage Martin Guitar  

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  1. Thanks Tony! My favorite horror movie is “The Exorcism of Emily Rose,” and here’s why. First, it’s an all-star cast in playing roles that are so believable. Second, it starts out “… based on a true story.” Third, it’ll make you leave lights on as a grown ass man. Don’t even ask about 3:00 A.M.!

  2. great–but I’d still like to know where the “descending chords” app is…..I’ve looked and can’t find it.

  3. I love this tuning. Easy enough to figure out the sus chords too.
    My favorite horror movie is a newer one – ‘A Quiet Place’.

  4. Tony will will you have an open jam session so I can come up there? Hopefully in the summer not in the snow and ice, I live in Florida,

  5. My favorite horror movie is “Trick or Treat”!! If you love Rock Guitar, Gene Simmons, Ozzy Osborne and a good old fashioned scare then you gotta see this one!!!

  6. I’m dating myself but always loved the original the Thing . And Halloween is the best of all of them!

  7. This is one of my favorite Tuesday lessons. I just had so much fun with this that I couldn’t put my guitar down! Thanks Tony!

  8. The explanation of open Dm tuning, and how to run the scales was great!
    I’m not a horror movie fan or maven, so…