How to Practice Acoustic Guitar NO MATTER WHAT • Acoustic Tuesday 212

It doesn’t matter what you’re playing, where you are, or how long you have left on the clock. Here’s a list of 5 ways to keep practicing your guitar — even during the busy holiday season!

The holidays can be a time where you feel like you’re too busy to play guitar. Between travel, visiting family, and balancing everything else in life, this time of the year can derail your guitar routine.

Fortunately, this episode is going to walk you through five common scenarios you might face during the holiday season. And, for that matter, you might encounter these situations any time during the year!

The important thing to remember is that there are so many ways to “play” guitar — even when you don’t have a guitar with you. And, if you’re lucky enough to have the guitar by your side, there are plenty of tips in this video to help you make progress even in the most stressful moments of the day.

To prove my point, you’ll also hear from TAC Family member Dirk who overcame an enormous interruption to his guitar routine.

Additionally, you’ll get all the best acoustic guitar news to close out today’s show. Featured in this episode…

  • LEGO and their Fender Guitar
  • Nora Brown
  • Michael Watts and an interview with Irvin Somogyi
  • Casimi Guitars
  • John Lee Hooker Graphic Novel

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  1. I am older and it seems these days I have received many surveys. I was a member of the Neilson ratings when I was active duty military. I answered a survey last week about what I did in my spare time. I have been working on my guitar and musical skills. I was asked what type of teaching aids and classes that I used. I mentioned Tony Polecastro’s Acoustic guitar & told them about how you have so much support of every type based on the individual person’s needs. I am a much better player & more knowledgeable then I could have imagined!

  2. I started guitar in the early 2000’s by taking lessons every Tuesday. Retiring in 2007 I took a trip to New Zealand for a month. I bought a 3/4 Alvarez and played it a few times a week during that trip. When I returned home however I did not pick up the lessons again. Those lessons consisted of playing songs I liked and my teacher would tab out for me. I guess it got boring because I dropped playing until 2015. My wife retired in 2012 and we started wintering in Arizona. There was time to fill each day and I started back on a 10 minute a day routine (not an idea from you but another youtuber). It works! I revived some of my old tabs and faithfully resumed playing each day. I have at least 48 songs to choose from to practice. I have tried to transpose, rearrange and change/apply new strums. I look forward each day now to play and of course find I play longer than 10 minutes.
    Here is some additional ideas for Holiday guitar –
    -Pick a song you like related to the holiday and learn it
    -Pick a song related to the area or country you will be travelling to and learn it
    -Rent or buy a travel guitar, there are so many choices
    -No guitar then load up your phone with music you like to play and listen a little each day you are away

    I just spent two weeks traveling through the BC coastline and played my guitar every day in hotels, B&B’s, and vacation rentals. and I heard some new artists and songs that I will need to possibly add to my library.
    So from one old goalie to another – stack those pads and keep on playing!

    1. @JorgeCalgary Nice story. Thanks for sharing. I’m retired and relearning guitar after a 40 year hiatus. I like your “additional ideas.” I’ve got a holiday song in mind to learn — “Christmas Must Be Tonight”, written by Robbie Robertson. Incidentally, I just picked up a travel guitar, and I plan on taking it with me on my out-of-town adventures. My next trip is planned for Hawaii, and I think some traditional Hawaiian folk music would be fun to learn and play. Thanks for the tip!