Sustainable Guitars — Is THIS Our Future? • Acoustic Tuesday 217

In this episode, we explore the idea of sustainable guitars — something guitar geeks should be thinking about for the future…here’s why.

We’ll take a look at some great companies like Taylor Guitars and Tom Sands that are creating instruments with sustainable materials such as reclaimed wood and ethically sourced materials, and more.

I’ve always been fascinated by tone woods. From their acoustic properties to their aesthetic qualities, I loved learning about different kinds of tone woods. But recently I’ve been thinking more about where tone woods come from, how they’re harvested, and what us guitarists can do to make sure there are guitars for future generations.

This video won’t seek to provide definitive solutions to the issues of deforestation or other negative aspects of the guitar industry. Instead, I want this to be the launch-pad for further conversations.

Feel free to share resources, makers, luthiers, and others who are helping ensure that there are guitars for our grandchildren and their grandchildren to play.

Featured in this show…

  • Tom Sands
  • Taylor Guitars
  • Madi Diaz
  • Thompson Guitars

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  1. Hi Tony,

    If the subject matters to you I can’t recommend the book “The guitar, tracing the grain back to the tree” enough. The authors tour the world a bit like Bob, going trough every link of the chain from the guitar in your lap all the way to the tree. There is a large chapter about the future of guitar making and its sustainability. Really interesting.

  2. Best Acoustic Tuesday ever! Caught up in the sustainable guitar report and it was so well sourced and very well received. The many other tidbits were great, but I really found the flexibility of playing at different times of the day a refreshing way of playing not on a must time that reminds me too much of the 8:30 punch-in clock. Thanks for everything you bring to this, Tony, and glad you had a wonderful vacation among our venerable trees!

  3. Tony one thing you overlooked regarding sustainability is buying pre-loved guitars. Many sound way better than the equivalent new version simply because the wood has naturally aged. This approach can be applied to many aspects of consumerism.

  4. I dunno Tony, John 5 got his first guitar and it was not until Ten Year (yes Ten Year, it bears repeating) that he got a job This guy put in the years of training and didn’t stop training after 10 years but kept going. It was not just “boom”,… legend made, but years of training and dedication that made him a legendary shredder. I bet he had intense determination and knows what he lost, forwent as it were, to get to where he is. Some of his songs tell the story between the lines if not right in them.
    Love the show, thanks! I have some Koa cousins in my yard. Should be ready for harvest in about 10 more years. Love the in depth look into sustainability!!!