8 Santa Cruz Guitars You NEED to See • Acoustic Tuesday 240

Santa Cruz Guitar Company has been making some of the best guitars on the market for almost 50 years. Check out this episode to see why these guitars make tones like no other guitar can.

From the classics like the Vintage Southerner to the tiny but mighty Firefly, there’s something for everyone on this list. I’ve had the pleasure of playing many guitars in my life, and @SantaCruzGuitarCo has always had high standards, and excellent craftsmanship.

In addition to talking about my 8 favorite guitars from this small-bench, boutique luthier, I have a whole slew of new music releases that I’m excited to share with you. From Pharis and Jason Romero to John Moreland, there’s some awesome music for you to listen to this week!

Featured in this Episode

  • Santa Cruz GuitarCo
  • Eddie’s Guitars
  • Tom Sands
  • Adrian Bellue
  • Pharis and Jason Romero
  • Smithsonian Folkways
  • John Moreland
  • Jeffrey Foucault

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  1. I bought a Santa Cruz Custom PJ and it has easily become my favorite to play around the house. The tone is just perfectly balanced, nothing else I have or have played compares.

  2. Stan Jay (Mandolin Brothers) and myself visited Richards shop approximately twenty years ago. We, with Richards help, designed a 000 (12 fret), custom 18 type guitar. German spruce top, mahogany back and sides (I usually prefer “Indian” rosewood). THIS is the best Santa Cruz ever made, very possibly the best guitar ever made. Richard is the king.

  3. T, am relatively new to the group. really enjoy acoustic Tuesday show as great means to learning so much about the acoustic guitar world. Have a question for you. The five pillars for improving guitar skills are an excellent way to organize the path forward in ones guitar journey. For me the most important addition, the 6th pillar is playing actual songs, In my case blues songs. Have been looking for lists of blues standard (5-10 songs) that I can be always working on in concert with your 5 weekly practice sessions. Where can I find a list that has 5 blues standards at the beginner, then advanced beginner, then intermediate, then advanced intermediate levels to practice so that each week I have learned a new blues song. As time passes, I have new skills and knowledge acquired and built my own collection of blues songs that I can play well. Where can I find such blues standards that you would recommend?

      1. Since no answer so far I’ll throw a song out there. What I do is pick a tune I like, that is at a level I should be able to play, you tube search the lesson with tab, learn it in a week. At the end of the year I’ve got 50 songs. Boom Boom, John Lee Hooker, will be my first recommended tune. Multiple lessons can be found googling it. Pick one. Anyone else have suggestions to build our own blues standards list?