BEST Bottleneck Slide Guitar Buying Guide (2022) • Acoustic Tuesday 243

Ever wondered what slide is the best for playing slide guitar? Brass? Bronze? Glass? Heavy? Light? All this will — and more — will be covered in this episode of Acoustic Tuesday!

Bottleneck slides are perhaps the most important piece of gear for playing slide guitar…besides your guitar, of course! That’s why I’ve dedicated a whole episode to discussing the importance of picking out the right slide.

There are so many choices out there. It can be totally overwhelming. And sometimes, when you’re overwhelmed, you just go with the cheapest price. I’m here to advise you against doing that. Instead, take a look at these 10 slide manufacturers to see what to look for in a high-quality slide that can work within your budget.

I’ll also add that I have a preference for bronze or brass slides. I explain why in the video, but it ultimately boils down to a combination of tone and feel. I really love the heavy feeling of a slide that sits comfortably on my finger and has enough weight that it isn’t bouncing off the strings.

In addition to talking about slides for slide guitar, you’ll also hear from a TAC Family member and Guitars For Vets member on how she is able to achieve all of her guitar goals this year. Inspiring stuff, and I highly recommend you heed her advice!

Featured in this Episode…

  • Robert Barnett
  • Caitlin Canty
  • Marcus Miller
  • Scott’s Bass Lessons
  • Paste Magazine
  • Cristina Vane

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  1. Loving the show, the courses and the daily challenges, just wondering why there is not a TAC family ice hockey shirt in the shop, I’d buy one (even though we don’t play your brand of hockey that well in this country)!!

  2. Hey Tony. I hope to see you at the Montana Folk Festival in Butte. Always world class talent, and one hell of a great time!
    July 8th – 10th

  3. Hea Tony, thanks for all the show on resonators. That is all i have been working on for the past 2 yrs. and love it. I heard you say next week drop D great love all the alternate tuninturegs. My favorite slide is the signature Gary Clark Jr. slide, it slides down to the second nuckel and has a cutout for a full bend in your finger.{dont need all that extra glass}.and is very comfortable to wear. Now for hockey, if you remember when Colorado Kyle was on your show i said it would be Avalanche & Lightning. I do think Vasie & the boys can do a 3 peet. Thanks your friend Guy B. in Champabay FL. guitar geeks unite GO BOLTS.

  4. Always learn so much from these shows. Have questions about fit and length. Really like your thoughts on learning. I would like to get access to all the daily lessons in original order, as opposed to the using likes way its set up. Practicing That original order reinforces building those neural pathways in the easiest way for me. How can I go back for months to practice each days lessons in the order they were originally set up.. Not just the last month. Thanks