Why Colter Wall’s Guitar Technique is WILD ★ Acoustic Tuesday 249

Colter Wall’s guitar playing is like no other. Here are 10 lessons you can learn from this real country guitarist that’ll help you progress on your guitar journey.

Colter Wall has captured the hearts and minds of the country, folk, and bluegrass world. His guitar playing is incredibly unique. From the way he strums to the stories he spins, I truly hope this episode gets you to check out his work.

But you’re also going to learn some important lessons about playing acoustic guitar through the lens of Colter Wall. By the end of this episode, you’ll have 10 lessons about how this incredibly unique guitarist approaches the acoustic guitar.

We’ll be covering his thumb technique, his gear, and his general attitude when it comes to playing and composing songs. I promise you, this is not an episode you want to miss.

Featured in this episode…

  • Kelly Joe Phelps
  • Jeffrey Foucault
  • Charlie Parr
  • Daisy Tempest
  • Megan Linford
  • Atkin Guitars
  • The Fellowship of Acoustics

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  1. Absolutely LOVED the extended, “Top 10” segment on Colter Wall! Hoping that you’ll continue this more frequently with other great acoustic guitarists and/or singer-songwriters in the future who have that certain “mojo” that sets them apart from their peers. Great job with choosing the material to feature as well. That couldn’t have been easily done.

  2. Hey Tony enjoyed the feature on Colter Wall. i remember seeing him as an opener for Dead South when he was a teen. Respect how he’s stuck to his own sound and not tried to fit the commercial formula. Sticking to a Canadian theme how about a feature on Bruce Cockburn awesome song writer and master guitarist.
    Guy H

  3. Absolutely CANNOT WAIT for next week’s Acoustic Tuesday (Tapping). Percusive guitar is still a mystery to me, and I’m dying to know how it’s done. Thanks, Tony!

  4. I enjoy your show. I was wondering if you have ever heard of a guy by the name of Richard Blackhawk Kapusta. I notice in the song, ” Raven, I Don’t Think So, and Love isn”t Enough” he basically plays cords. Nothing fancy that even a beginner could do. Tony what are your thoughts on this?

  5. I’ve grown to look forward to each new Acoustic Tuesday. Throughly enjoyed this week featuring Colter Wall and his unique techniques as well as storytelling songs. He’s new to me so I will explore his catalog of songs. Like his style.

  6. Another great guitarist that does a one man band is named Scott H. Biram, he’s worth a listen. We just saw him play earlier this year at the Casbah in San Diego. Later in the show, it was interesting that the Casbah was mentioned during the clip of the memorial where the gentleman was given $200, He is 100% accurate about the planes coming in for a landing right there too!

  7. My favorite song by Coulter Wall is Happy Reunion.
    I would love to hear an episode about the amazing Ramblin Jack Elliott, soon to be 91 years old on August 1st.