Acoustic Guitar Cross Picking in 5 minutes • Acoustic Tuesday 255

Learn cross picking on acoustic guitar in just 4 easy steps with this simple, easy-to-use approach!

Cross picking is a picking pattern that involves skipping strings in your picking pattern. It doesn’t use fingers, instead opting for a pick. It’s a great way to get that cascading finger pick sound but with more bite!

The hardest part of cross picking lies in switching pick directions. While normal strumming strikes all the strings in one direction, cross picking has you alternating pick direction with each string you strike.

To help you learn how to cross pick, I’ve created 4 easy steps — think of them as checkpoints or mini-lessons. Once you feel good at one part, move on to the next one!

On one final note, don’t forget to check out the cross picking musicians that I’ve listed in the episode. They’re incredibly talented and worth giving a listen to if you’re interested in learning this great strumming pattern.

Featured in this Episode…

  • Gwenifer Raymond
  • Bob Minner
  • SantaCruzGuitarCo

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  1. Thought I would share this link of the Barcelona guitar trio. A lot of work went into this. Thanks for the Acoustic Tuesday show. And for TAC I was about to give up Dec 21 guitar geeks came my computer thought I would try it for 3 months before trying to sell my guitars. some days I wonder why I’m still here. Then the next day I set down for my 10 minutes and it all falls in place. Thanks Tony and all that help along the way. Find the fun I did

  2. Great lesson for someone still trying to figure out a style to land on. Fingerstyle is my first go-to but struggle with dexterity issues. Less thinking and more practice lol

  3. A little bummed that I missed my first acoustic challenge here. New and into the play 30 days. Learning how to do stuff on my I pad, lots of goofs. Excited to be here. Correct bad habits and play guitar. The crosspicking is hard but looking forward to getting it down.

  4. Tony, I shuddered watching you drive and film! My niece Paige Melanson aged 17 had her life cut short by someone doing a similar thing, he was checking his e mail and looked away at the wrong time. In an instant ne was into the rear of the car with the result that Paige was instantly killed. Please do not do this again, it ruined Acoustic Tuesday for me but more importantly you may feel qualified to do it but it results in death not to mention eniurmous lawsuits. Please no! A lesson for all that text, phone, check e mail, it can happen to you.

  5. Tony scary movies to scary states Watch House came back to Iowa not Iowa City but play in a barn last night. What a great show thanks for your recommendation early.

  6. Whoa Tony – Talk about Acoustic News with the Moves!! I think you condensed a 35 minute show into 23 minutes and 48 seconds … great content but let me catch my breathe! We don’t move that fast over here.