Fretboard Summit 2022: Biggest Lessons Learned • Acoustic Tuesday 257

Fretboard Summit is a HUGE guitar festival held every year, sponsored by Fretboard Journal. But is it worth it? Check out my highlights from this intensely guitar-geek festival.

It was a whirlwind, but the Fretboard Summit festival truly opened my eyes up. From the incredibly talented musicians showcased—day after day, night after night—to the BIGGEST lesson I’ve learned, I cannot recommend this festival enough.

There are so many incredible folks I met, and so many more I’m looking forward to meeting again. The level of instruction and talent that was present was wholly inspiring.

If you ever have the opportunity to attend the Fretboard Summit, I highly encourage you to go. The folks at Fretboard Journal and the Old Town School of Folk Music know how to put on a great show. Don’t miss out next time!

Featured in this episode…

  • Old Town School
  • Halland Guitars
  • Thompson Guitars
  • Julian Lage
  • Mule Resonator Guitars

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  1. Great show as always. Good to be back home from a 5 week road trip saddled atop a big V-twin. gotta a lot of ketching up to do with the release FBW 2.0 to the Alumni… Fretboard Summit looked to be awesome, it will also be awesome when TAC does the annual get together again. Saddel up and head north west from the Mid-Mo, the dream is out there! Alright, time to dive into the all new FBW 2.0… better late than never… TAC y’all are awesumeous to the maximus!

  2. I really enjoyed hearing about the fretboard summit, seems like it was a great time. It made me wish I could of been there!
    I am really getting a lot out of the new Fretboard wizard. I made it about half way through the old one and got Overwhelmed, I think the new version will be easier to stay on top of and it has me excited to spend more time on my journey.

  3. Your show is great. With the Fretboard summit I feel I missed the boat, as I live in Chicago, but timing just didn’t work. (fingers crossed for a 2023 event). With that, it has led to much thinking regarding a workshop, summit, call it what you will but ever think of doing a show regarding those? You in fact used to have a festival, will that happen again? Looking to be immersed in a group setting for a period of time. Thank you for your response.

  4. Great show today. I just saw Fret Board Wiz and am ready to start. I already printed the download. You are a great teacher, I love TAC, and I intend to listen to every Acoustic Tuesday. I can’t get enough. Steve Gissendanner

  5. Hey Tone, great show … and great advice. Take time out to look around every now and again, you might be surprised how much you’ve learned to recognize since the last time. I want to send a BIG Win thank you to Acoustic Tuesday. I was at a local music shop recently, picked my head up, looked around, and realized with all I’ve learned over the past few years I was completely at ease in a situation which used to make me VERY self-conscience. WOW!

  6. Tony
    Just wanted to say thanks for the positivity you bring each EP. I am a fairly new TAC member and enjoy all that you bring each Tuesday. I retired a little over 2 years ago and started a pursuit of the guitar, something that I always wanted to do but never took the time for. I looked at and subscribed to numerous online tutorials, as good as they are I enjoy your methodology the most. I have developed an appreciation for music that I never knew about. The Artist, the lyrics, the style of play.. They are so talented.
    With your encouragement I have worked up to playing in front of family, at my daughters wedding and I even composed and arranged a song for my daughter and her soon to be born daughter, which I played for her at her baby shower.
    A family member that was in town brought his guitar and we actually improved a little. I was super excited because this is goal that I didn’t think I could get to. With your help and inspiration I have accomplished a lot and am enjoying the journey so much.
    Just wanted to give you a big Thanks.
    I have gone back to EP1 and am still trying to catch up. .. currently on EP113…
    Oh… and I have quite the bourbon collection… so if you are ever in the Cincinnati area drop me a line and we can enjoy a pour or 2 or 3…
    Mike W….
    Independence, Ky
    #guitargeekforlife, #famjam, #bourbondrinker