Why THESE are the Best Resonator Guitars • Acoustic Tuesday 258

Resonator guitars can make the bluesiest, dirtiest sounds—making them unmatched as instruments. But does this Michigan-based small bench luthier make the best resonators?

Mule Resonator Guitars makes, in my humble opinion, some of the best resonator guitars. There are so many reasons why I love Mule Resonator Guitars, from the human-centered design to the community.

This episode outlines the biggest reasons why Mule Resonators are simply the best in the industry. I know that’s a big statement—controversial, even. But I stand by it. Be sure to watch the episode to see why I’ve become a zealot for this great guitar brand.

I’ll also be addressing comments from previous shows, including but limited to the question, “what is the TAC Family?” I love answering questions about the guitars and the TAC Family, so be sure to leave a comment if a question crosses your mind!

Featured in this episode…

  • Emerald Guitars
  • Jamie Dupuis
  • Guitar Girl Magazine
  • Yasmin Williams
  • Rushadicus
  • Billy Strings
  • Gibson TV
  • The Acoustic Shoppe

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  1. I’m on the waitlist for a Mule Mavis and can’t wait for my number to come up for it so I can choose the custom options. I’ve never played a Mule yet, but everything I’ve read and heard about them is simply awesome. I wanted the Mavis because of its versatility as both an electric but also resonator guitar. Just can’t wait. Great episode here, Tony. Thanks for all you do for the Guitar Community

  2. I ordered my Mule resonator about 18 months ago. My number finally came up and I got weekly updates of my guitar being built. So exciting. And then I had two major events that depleted my funds I had set aside for the instrument. They were very understanding, but eventually I just couldn’t afford it at that time. Super bummed. So, now I’m back on the waiting list. I hope whoever bought my guitar is loving it.

  3. Tony, great episode! I have literally been waiting since last Tuesday for this show. Probably a couple of months ago, based on another Acoustic Tuesday episode (#242 I think), I got on the waiting list for a Mule Mavis. Matt has responded and I am waiting for him to contact me for the options I would like. Getting itchy with the waiting. Will probably and eventually get a metal body but for now the Mavis is the ticket! Additionally, I have purchased a lot of equipment from Sweetwater Guitar and they offer an ebony slide. Thought it would sound great with the Mavis but wanted your input. Don’t know how to use a slide just yet but that’s not stopping me from trying to learn. If all I do is wish I would have expanded my guitar knowledge I’ll never grow. After all remember: Today is yesterday’s tomorrow. Time to move forward. I would also like to say I love the new Fretboard Wizard! I am going to take your advice and focus on the Wizard at the expense of the daily challenge though I find sometimes I can do both. I am working on a Masters degree in Theology and have been shortchanging my studies to get restarted on guitar. Gotta find a better balance but man, the guitar is addictive.

    Mike Hobbs

  4. Tony, You are more than correct in saying that Mule resonator guitars are the best out there. The second you pick one up you know it something very special and it makes you want to play it. It is by far the most playable neck I have ever experienced. I have a Mule brass tricone and the sound is simply amazing, so amazing I ordered and am waiting on a Mavis. The very existence of this guitar is what happens when science meets art and the art and the passion for music drives the process. Thank you Matt!