10 Guitar Lessons from Billy Strings • Acoustic Tuesday 263

​Billy Strings is one of the best instrumentalists of our time. Hands down. But what can you learn from Billy Strings? Even if you’re picking up a guitar for the first time?

From drone strings to using chromatics, there’s something every guitarist can learn from Billy Strings. Primarily a flatpicking guitarist, Billy Strings is also a talented finger picker, electric guitarist, and banjo player.

Billy’s life experience, emersion in the musical world, and consistency has led him to being one of the best instrumentalists of our time. A master of tension-building and even melodic phrasing, Billy Strings is a guitarist who deserves close attention.

So what is this video going to do for you? And, more importantly, what won’t it do? Well, I’m hoping to inspire you with some quick lessons on important techniques or philosophical lessons. What I won’t do is teach you a specific song.

With that in mind, I want you to be open to learning some new techniques that borrow heavily from Billy Strings’ playing. Whether you’ve been playing for years or you’ve just picked up guitar, there’s a lesson for you.

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  1. Interesting show, Tony.
    While I’m not a Bluegrass fan, I do appreciate the playing that I see on the show. I actually came across this little short of Billy Strings on YouTube a few days ago and had to paste a link here. It even has a Tab above the video. Unbelievable!!
    The cover of Before I Forget was pretty good. I wonder if Corey Taylor has seen/heard it.

  2. Was introduced to Billy by a workmate who saw him first with about 20 other folks at a tiny theater in Central Jersey. We saw him in summer ’18 at the Boot n Saddle bar in Philly. With 150 folks. They were true road dogs in a beat up Green Chevy van. I’ve been lucky to see him 3 times since at bigger venues. They’re not traveling in old vans anymore….well deserved! Great band, great human too!