How to Use Delay on Acoustic Guitar + My Favs • Acoustic Tuesday 265

I used to think using a delay pedal on acoustic guitar was crazy. Now, I recommend every acoustic guitar player to get a delay pedal. Why?

Delay pedals have the ability to fill space. When you’re playing by yourself, it can feel empty sometimes. By using a delay pedal, you can almost hear harmonies and dissonance when your playing a run, practicing scales, or playing melody and fills.

Besides filling space, using a delay pedal helps you learn to groove. Because of the delay in notes, you have to keep time. If you don’t your notes will overlap in odd ways. If that’s the effect you’re going for, rock on. But if not, you’ll learn to keep time quickly!

Delay pedals are also expressive. If you feel like you’ve hit a creative rut, try playing some scales through a delay pedal. Seriously, you’ll be surprised by what you hear.

Delay pedals have tons of knobs, features, and switches. It can look intimidating to a first-time buyer. I’ll go over some of the features in this video, but if I didn’t address an aspect of a delay pedal, let me know by leaving a comment!

Featured in this episode…

  • Collision Devices
  • Strymon
  • LR Baggs
  • Fishman Music
  • Adam Grant
  • Christie Lenée
  • Martin Guitar
  • American Airlines
  • JescaHoop

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  1. Tony,
    Another great show! I use the TONEDEQ pedal and find it easy to use while providing other effects in addition to the Delay function. I find the Boost function useful when switching from flat picking to fingerstyle playing. Thanks for the in-depth review of the other Delay pedals out there.

  2. Hi Tony. I’ve been watching these videos on YouTube for awhile now and is the main reason I decided to join TAC. Things are going well so far.
    On another subject, I am 63 and sometimes my hands go numb while playing/practicing. Any incite?
    Thanks, Tony

  3. Tony,

    I think I liked the Black Hole Symmetry Collision and the El Capistan the best. At least on the settings that you had them set. I thought your initial comment about the Volante(?) was pretty amusing.

    Christie Lenee: She just had to be sick when she saw her 12 string in that condition. Unless it was already drying out at the time of the video, as a part time woodworker, I’m surprised that the top sunk rather than swelling into a “nice” big arch. But hearing the bracing rattling around inside of it was sickening.

    You mentioned that next week you were going to list some of your favorite Furch’s.
    I have an OM-SR that is beautiful, to view and to hear.