5 Favorite Furch Guitars You Need to Hear • Acoustic Tuesday 266

What started off as a mild interest in this builder has become an obsession. So what’s the big deal about a guitar maker hailing from the Czech Republic?

Furch Guitars focuses on making high-quality guitars at a relatively affordable price. Sounds like the pitch from almost any guitar company, right? Here’s the thing about Furch Guitars, though…

Furch Guitars make exceptional Swiss-Army Knife guitars. Whether you want to finger pick, flat pick, plug-in on stage or play in your bedroom, these guitars can do it all.

Here’s a little more about Furch Guitars. Founded over 40 years ago, Furch has expanded over the years to include travel guitars, master-grade guitars, and more. Most Furch guitars are organized by color, which you’ll hear more about on this episode. There’s also the Vintage series which I highly recommend you look into.

Whether you’re into small, punchy guitars or deep, warm dreadnoughts, Furch has a guitar for you. If your favorite Furch isn’t on this list, please let me know in the comments! I’m always on the hunt for new guitars and would love to hear what you’re playing and why you love it!

Featured in this episode…

  • AlamoMusicCenterSanAntonio
  • HeartbreakerGuitars
  • Adam Grant
  • Gruhn Guitars
  • GreenfieldGuitars
  • Billy Strings

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  1. I’d like to send a kudos to the gentleman ‘Wayne from Knoxville, TN” who had the wonderful guitarsenal in this week’s Acoustic Tuesday episode – what an impressive collection.
    Wayne, I’d love to ask you a few questions about your guitars. I tried to find you in the TAC community, but wasn’t able to.
    If you get this please send me a reply back to begin a conversation, I’d be grateful to hear back from you.

  2. Hi Tony I haven’t had time to see your show,but I just saw your 266 episode.i loved it I love the furch guitars.i love the little Jane small bodies,what works for my body size.i hope you are well.sorry you are with a cold.you will be ok.the books you should us are amazing.love them.thanks for your classes.i miss them and love them dearly.have a happy Thanksgiving with your family.i will see your show next week.thank you.you are an amazing teacher.

  3. wow. Great video, and about time!!
    Don’t remember when and how I learned about Furch, but I’m sort of a Czech-o-phile; been there four times; like the beer, guns, and now guitars.
    Started with a Violet that I ordered sight-unseen from Germany and was scared I was being scammed; cost about $600 and was the laminate back and sides. I’m not afraid of laminate; i think for the back and sides it may be immaterial.
    I was blown away. I’ve played and owned guilds, ibanez, a couple handmade classicals, played gibsons martins taylors…and own(ed) a rare handmade Yamaha FG 1500 that I just sold and until I owned this $600 laminate Furch, that was the most remarkable guitar i’ve ever heard.
    Intonation is perfect. Fit and finish -perfect. Brilliant balanced, ringing sound.
    So I got the bug; then bought an Indigo, also laminate, with cedar top. It sounded so good I tried to keep it as a closet queen and never play it. Finally put all my guitars on a wall rack and humidified my entire room. And since I play lots of alternate tunings, I keep it tuned differently. Guess what. Intonation, sound, fit and finsih….perfect.
    Theeennn, as I was working in way northern NH one week a month I needed a travel guitar, right? So I got a great deal on a Little Jane and I agree with Tony. Top notch. In fact, it may be the best sounding of all my guitars, and it is a blast to play.
    Then I finally pulled the trigger on a cutaway OM all solid wood Blue. And that was it. I can’t imagine needing or wanting another guitar. Playing something fingerstyle on that with an alternative tuning is almost a holy experience.
    For guitars around $1K and up…this is my go to recommendation for anyone who asks.
    For < $1000, Yamaha
    For < $200 – Orangewood. I have 2 Olivers and the sound and playability are first rate. Perfect intonation also.
    Love Furch. Play one while drinking an Urquell or Budvar. Great story, great company, and superb guitars.

  4. I own a Furch Yellow Deluxe SR. I was very torn between the Yellow Masters Choice with a Sunburst (which was stunning) and the Deluxe, but ultimately ended up with the Deluxe due to the bevel duo Furch uses. I still think of the other, but am completely happy with my purchase and absolutely love my Furch. The sound, tone, feel, intonation, and quality of workmanship is second to none. Everything I had heard and read prior to my purchase is absolutely true. They make absolutely beautiful instruments, at a much better value than some of their American counterparts.

  5. Tony;
    Another good way to look back at how far you have come in your guitar journey is, Video your starting point, then if you feel your getting nowhere just take a look back at your start video of yourself. You’ll be amazed at how far you really have come.

  6. I really need a good travel guitar so I can play every day even when I’m on the road. Unfortunately I’ll have to drive about 7 hours to get my Little Jane

  7. I went to Alamo Music Center in San Antonio to buy a Taylor or Martin guitar. I was shown the Furch Orange Master Series OMc SR and I had found my guitar. Craftsmanship is stellar and I love it more every time I play it. Try one, I bet you will like it!

  8. Although I’ve heard and love the sound of Furch guitars, my next guitar will likely be a slope-shoulder Iris dreadnought. A very sweet-sounding guitar.