Reverb on Acoustic Guitar? Here’s How to Do It • Acoustic Tuesday 267

Why do you sound so good in the shower? Can you replicate that sound on your acoustic guitar? What’s stopping you from getting that cathedral sound? It all comes down to reverb pedals.

On this episode, we’ll talk about using reverb pedals on acoustic guitar. Using pedals on guitar feels like mixing oil and water, but it’s easy and intuitive once you understand how to do it. Reverb can feel like a particularly tricky effect on the acoustic guitar, but I promise it’s worth adding.

I’ll start by giving a quick rundown of how reverb works. From there, you’ll hear when to use reverb. Finally, you’ll get the top five reverb pedals I recommend to students and friends. Whether you want something simple or a complete mind-bending reverb pedal, I have a recommendation for you. 

Reverb on acoustic guitar shouldn’t be an afterthought in you rig. Even if you’re new to guitar, it’s worth springing the funds for. Here’s why: if it helps you pick up the guitar, play, and find joy in your guitar playing, then just do it. 

You don’t need to justify getting a delay pedal. You don’t have to wait until you’re “good enough.” I highly encourage you to take the plunge, have fun, and explore effects pedals on your acoustic guitar. 

Featured in this episode…
– Earth Quaker Devices  
– Strymon  
– Collision Devices
– K & K Music  
– Tom Sands Guitars  

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  1. The reverb control on the Fishman Loudbox Mini gives a basic player (myself) that modest enhanced sound and a DX connection for quality output to a sound board. Not a bad place to start and kill two birds with one stone.

  2. I purchased a Fishman Tondeq on your recommendation several months ago. It is now my workhorse and I love it. I use the reverb and chorus all the time. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Just got a use Fishman loudbox mini. First time using an Amp. It’s a bit intimidating hearing my playing at that volume. I’m having to be a knob turner as well to learn how to use it. I do like the reverb you have demonstrated which gives me a great example to spring board from.